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Feeling so Bad

Hi all.

Well after doing so well It's my turn to say the Nicodemon won at the weekend.

Tasted disgusting so why did I have another one I ask myself.

Just had the last one in packet (yuck).

Now got to buckle down and start it all over again.:mad:

Patch will be going on soon (don't want to put on to soon and over dose).

The nurse has suggested that I use the inhulator ? more.

She did show me the spray but it looked very fiddly and also it doesn't always spray it squirts which she told me is really not nice.

Feeling so cross as i was feeling so better, coughing at night as stopped and I really don't want that happening again.

Now do I call it a blip or start the days all over again.

Will have to make sure i post every day, well apart from the two weeks that I will be on holiday from sunday.

Please wish me good luck as I really must do this.


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Dont be hard on yourself!

As you have said, the last ciggie is finished, it's time to get back on the proverbial horse and try again.

Some advice if I may ?

it seem the Quitters that go cold turkey seem to get over the withdrawls alot quicker or am i imagining it?

maybe say stuff it!! NO MORE ! NO tabletts NO sprays NO inhalers trust me its not as hard as you think :)

Stay strong :) you can do this!!


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