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Day 4 - sore teeth???

Howdy all,

I quit smoking (cold turkey) four days ago, after it suddenly hit me that I had completely lost my sense of smell, and could no longer taste anything properly either.

The past few days have had their ups and downs. I never knew it would be so much easier to get up in the mornings, but then I wasn't prepared for coughing up carbon gunge either. Ugh.

I registered here to ask a question, though. Last night and this morning, my mouth has been sore. I want to say that my teeth are sore, but I know it's more than likely my gums. Chewing is quite uncomfortable.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does this sometimes happen with smoking withdrawal?

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I cant comment on the sore teeth / gums, but well done on day four! keep it up!

the coughing plem / carbon sounds gross but it's better to purge it and get rid of it good luck and STAY STRONG


Hi there,

Congratulations of day for.

People have very different experiences so it's difficult to say, however I think yours is pretty typical.

I've suffered with little sores in my mouth and the feeling like it was shedding it's skin. Smoking does a lot of damage and short term the repair process can be quite painful, intense for some.

Certainly I've had throat/sinus issues since the day I stopped. These are getting better but still around at day 60.


Cheers folks, I'm already feeling more confident about quitting and staying quit - it really helps to be able to discuss it with people who have gone/are going through the same thing!


Hi Jack I too had sore gums and mouth after a few days of quitting, its a normal part of quitting and does get better. smoking hides it.

Iv just started a new quit so iv got all that to come again must get some bonjella.



It sounds like you could do with a trip to the dentist to find out what's going on.



Hey jack...i had same thing at beginning of my quit...along with a burnt tongue sensation and tingling gums....i put in all down to circulation returning which the 'why quit' website passed after few days. Keep going, does get easier ;)


Smoking and specifically nicotine mask dental problems. Now that you're quit this could be the reason why you're experiencing pain. Your dentist will be pleased to hear you've quit so don't be put off visiting the Surgery and getting the issue checked out.



Yeah I don't have tooth pain as such but am defo getting spotty feeling under my lower lip. Manageable though:) Will ask doc tomorrow.



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