My first reward

6 days 11 hours since I last smoked so I just ordered and payed for my new printer in a silly way it feels like a free printer.

If I was smoking I would have spent the money anyway making myself ill at the same time, and no printer.

I am feeling very positive and good about myself and indeed health-wise I have noticed an improvement so it's been a great week.

I look forward to my second week as a non-smoker and my next reward whatever that is.

2 Replies

  • it is like a free printer instead of burning the money you have an actual printer there as a result of your hard work

    keep up the good work what is next on your list of prezzies

  • Congrats Viv and enjoy that printer! So glad you are enjoying your quit too. I am just an hour into Day 12 and not sure how I got here! Could be the Champix but I feel this forum has helped me the most. So glad I found it. And I feel great:D


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