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No Smoking Day
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Into month 2

Seems strange to have not smoked for a month, last time I hadn't smoked for this long I was 15! :eek:

Not feeling as overjoyed as I thought I would be - I think it's cause I'm still having to work at it, as it's still relatively new. I think I felt the same when I turned veggie 6 years ago though, and now it just comes naturally.

More impressive if I look at it as 185 cigarettes not smoked though! :D

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I keep thinking of going veggie but not managed to bring myself to do it....it's all about slow roast lamb you see. Jumping on to the wagon is out of the question!


Well done Jen

You are doing so well



WOOO HOOOO! Allow yourself a pay on the back, a month is forever! Good on you. I was 11 last time I went this long without...:eek:


I posted it on facebook - it's the most 'likes' I've ever received! :D


Not feeling as overjoyed as I thought I would be

Hi Jen

Big, big congratulations! It really is something to celebrate, even if you don't feel it right now. I understand this - it's my "10 weeks" today, and all I can muster is a feeble "huh". Rationally, I am proud of myself, and I am pleased that I have got this far. I don't really feel at risk of losing my quit. All good stuff. But I still feel a bit flat most of the time.

The OH doesn't help - he observed that I haven't been as funny in the last couple of months and wondered when I would get my sense of humour back. That's rich coming from him - he hasn't exactly been a barrel of laughs either! Not to mention the fact that he has put on more weight than me and that I have been too polite to mention it.

What I am sure of, for you and for all of us who quit, is that things can only get better... (*bursts into song*)



one month , thats amazing , you done soooo well :D.


Well done

Well done calamity i'll be in month two in a couple of weeks . Should be feeling good by then i hope . Keep going and may the force be with you .


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