Into month 2

Seems strange to have not smoked for a month, last time I hadn't smoked for this long I was 15! :eek:

Not feeling as overjoyed as I thought I would be - I think it's cause I'm still having to work at it, as it's still relatively new. I think I felt the same when I turned veggie 6 years ago though, and now it just comes naturally.

More impressive if I look at it as 185 cigarettes not smoked though! :D

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  • I keep thinking of going veggie but not managed to bring myself to do's all about slow roast lamb you see. Jumping on to the wagon is out of the question!

  • Well done Jen

    You are doing so well


  • WOOO HOOOO! Allow yourself a pay on the back, a month is forever! Good on you. I was 11 last time I went this long without...:eek:

  • I posted it on facebook - it's the most 'likes' I've ever received! :D

  • Not feeling as overjoyed as I thought I would be

    Hi Jen

    Big, big congratulations! It really is something to celebrate, even if you don't feel it right now. I understand this - it's my "10 weeks" today, and all I can muster is a feeble "huh". Rationally, I am proud of myself, and I am pleased that I have got this far. I don't really feel at risk of losing my quit. All good stuff. But I still feel a bit flat most of the time.

    The OH doesn't help - he observed that I haven't been as funny in the last couple of months and wondered when I would get my sense of humour back. That's rich coming from him - he hasn't exactly been a barrel of laughs either! Not to mention the fact that he has put on more weight than me and that I have been too polite to mention it.

    What I am sure of, for you and for all of us who quit, is that things can only get better... (*bursts into song*)

  • Jen

    one month , thats amazing , you done soooo well :D.

  • Well done

    Well done calamity i'll be in month two in a couple of weeks . Should be feeling good by then i hope . Keep going and may the force be with you .

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