No Smoking Day
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4 hours off 1 whole week

At 4pm (CET), I WILL have gone 1 week since my body got it's last fix of nicotine.

I dropped my daughter off at nursery this morning and was amazed how sharp my sense of smell was. The nursery teacher had obviously just been for a crafty fag before starting work, and the cigarette smell was awful.

I've also noticed my tea tastes better in the mornings.

Was hoping to get in some running this week to help me feel the energy difference but it looks like I picked the wrong week to get a calf strain. Will have to wait it out a bit more to see if my running has improved.

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Well Done Barney you are doing great.

It is very odd when you smell a smoker for the first time. I know I find fresh smoke is ok so if I pass someone with a cig it doesn't really bother me and I quite like the smell but the smell of an ashtray or someone who smells of stale smoke and it makes me feel ill.

I find that from the first week things get easier each day.

Hope the calf gets better soon

Lingy :)


Ta da!!! Congratulations on your first week!


7 days !!


i hate the smell of smoking now

especially exhaled smoke ... PAH

It makes me feel sick too ...

I can never go back to smoking POOOO



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