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nearly finished day 3 but feeling out of sorts now

Day 3 is nearly done and it hasn't been too bad, in fact not as bad as yesterday, maybe cos have been a bit busier at work. But now I'm feeling on edge. I feel like I'm absolutely huge, put about 3 or 4 pounds on in the last week. Dunno if this is to do with quit, or champix or neither. I've been trying to eat sensibly but have blown up like a balloon which is getting me down. Sometimes I feel so hungry its like a craving as well. Is my brain confusing food and nicotine?

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Hey there . Are you using any form of nrt or are you doing this cold turkey. I think day three and four are the hardest so hang in there and hopefully things will get a bit better soon . Good luck .


hi welcome

yes your brain is confused with hunger craving a nicotine craving it will sort its self out your body is going through so much getting rid of all the poisons its will be confused

read read read everything u can knowledge is power the more u understand why u feel like u do the easier it will be

well done and stay strong


Hi Jo

I started binging before I actually stopped smoking as well, so it probably is down to the Champix rather than the quit. Everything that I have read indicates that it can be hard to distinguish between nicotine craving and hunger - they are similar experiences.

Unlike you, I have made absolutely no effort at all to eat sensibly. Sweets, cakes, chocolates - the lot. I have put on around a stone in the last two months, but my eating is now slowly getting back to normal without any real effort on my part, so I think it is only a matter of time before my weight goes back to normal as well.

Good luck, anyway. It will get easier.


Hi Jo,

I have had the same issues, I eat loads and even after a 3 course dinner still want to eat. I lost almost two stone before stopping the smokes and I am creeping up the scales again. I went through a stage of feeling really bloated (felt like I was 20 months pregnant :eek:) and was so uncomfortable. Heartburn was also a big problem. This is all to do with the Champix I am sure but I must admit it is worth a bit of discomfort. The bloating has subsided now and the eating is starting to regulate. The heartburn was sorted out by Zantac (so relieved). Now started to exercise to at least try and keep the weight static until I get the mindset to eat healthy.

Keep going with your quit you are doing really well and things will hopefully start to get a bit easier over the next few days.



Day 3 is good! You're body is going to be getting a little confuzzled as ALL the remaining nicotine leaves your body....SO the nicotine induced wants should filter off now.!

I used nuts and fruit to keem me busy initially ... I just nibbled on them to keep my hands and mouth busy. Seemed to help the cravings and my weight


Poor you, it's so hard to feel yuk but be assured that quitting will do you more good than a few pounds will harm you. I do think the Champix bloats you, I'm considering doing sit-ups and I HATE them! I find playing scrabble or Angry Birds on my phone helps distract, as well as knitting in the evenings (may not be everyone's 'thing' but works for me and stops me munching).

Take one thing at a time, be nice to you


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