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Day 4

Feeling much more positive today then yesterday. For once I'm glad it's raining, because I don't have to go and stand outside in it! ;)

I also noticed when I went to bed last night that my nose didn't start to block up as soon as I lay down :D Had trouble dropping off though, despite feeling totally wiped out.

At midday today, I will be halfway to a week :D:D

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Congrats :) Good job. Just wait till week 2 you will start to notice benefits of not smoking already - more energy, better sense of taste and smell, generel feeling of wellbeing :)


Cool ... the lung benefits are great

tho ive got a streaming cold at the mo ...:rolleyes:

I like the fact that i dont have to buy baccy anymore

im saving £25 a week

no more 6 am dash's to Tescos extra in the freezing rain ha'


I'm on day 4 too and it's going really really well. Only occasionally in the evenings I am really noticing but its not a really urge that I really need to have a cigarette. It's great eh, not having to get wet standing outside in the rain having a cigarette that you don't even enjoy!

I feel so free of it and it also felt weird going into a shop yesterday and not needing to for £5.45 for a packet of cigarettes.

It has changed my life overnight. I feel great and so relieved and didn't even realise how much smoking was getting me down.

I'm looking forward to the two weeks time if changes are really noticed. I have noticed that the red blotchy rash I always had on my chest is starting to go away.

Well done to you too. Lets keep it up, we are awesome! x


Lets keep it up, we are awesome! x

Indeed we are :D x

And well done too!


Well done, you're doing really well! Bet you liked being dry :p


I find my sense of smell is back now. I even just walked past an outside ashtray at the shop this morning and wasn't even close to it and could smell that horrible smell. Yuk we used to smell like that!


Day 4... The only things I'm missing about smoking is the social side and the break I'd get during the working day (other than lunch).

Doesn't help I sit right by the fire escape door at work, which is the only route for going outside for a cigarette. Lots of people walk past and go outside at regular intervals throughout the day, so I've been trying to go and make tea at those points in the day. I do find that I haven't spoken to some of those people since I gave up at the start of the week, just because I don't see them other than when on a fag break, which is a shame.

Would thoroughly recommend the Nicorette ActiveStop service for anybody giving up. Sounds a bit daft, but an automated text first thing in the morning wishing you luck, and last thing at night asking if you've stayed smoke free is a big help. They also give you little challenges, articles and tips, and their iPhone app is great for working out how much you've saved!... I don't work for them btw ;)

Good luck to everyone on day 4!!


I might check that out, but only if I can do it online. I don't have a smartphone, so no apps for me :(


It's all online... Its like a journal, daily articles and progress planners etc. You can track how much you've saved and the text alerts are all setup online too. The only downside is you need to enter a Nicorette batch number from a box of gum, inhaler etc. to kick the whole thing off. If you have one great, if not it'll cost you a few quid for some gum to get started. I do have a batch number spare if anyone wants it! Apart from that, its all free. Sounds silly but its a great feeling to be able to text back to the automated "have you smoked today" text you get at the end of the day, saying no. Texts cost the standard rate. I really sound like I work for Nicorette now!! (But I don't!)

The app is also good for tracking how much you've saved, and it has a craving attack feature, where it distracts you with little games, playlists and reasons for quitting. The app is free too.


I have a quickmist spray, but they don't have batch numbers! :mad:

May have to write them a little email and tell them to get it sorted or I will come round Pulp Fiction style :cool:


Feel free to use my batch number NC850A, its unused at the moment!


Thanks for the offer Mark, but I've just discovered the spray does have batch numbers. I was looking at the thing itself, and half the code had rubbed off, leaving just 'NA', which I took to mean 'Not applicable' :o (didn't think it through - if it wasn't applicable, they wouldn't put it on at all).

But the number's also on the packaging, which I hadn't thrown away. So I now also have a spare code if anyone wants it!


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