just a shout out!!

just saying hello to all my new year buddies! how are ya doing...8 months here we come!! can you all believe this?? im so happy and proud and i cant believe how i have changed..i can now sit with smokers and not even feel like i want a puff!!:eek:

this is truly amazing!! i wake up every morning so thankful that i made this decision...so newbies hang in there--its gets way better!! and to all new years quitters---tell me how are ya all doing? i have been so busy lately and havent been on here in weeks!!

no time to think about a smoke!!:cool:

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  • thanks una!! :D

    all the best to you in your quit!! always remember no matter how hard it gets sometimes---its always better to choose life!:)

  • Well done I A Q your doing great. Keep a seat for me in the penthouse.:)

    The best feeling for me is freedom.


  • Well done I A Q your doing great. Keep a seat for me in the penthouse.:)

    The best feeling for me is freedom.


    absolutely F R E E D O M is the best feeling ever

    quitting is by far the best thing i have ever done i am healthy, not wheezy, dont cough, dont get breathless, dont smell, dont have to sit outside, dont have to be a slave, dont have to waste my time smoking and i am rich

    lol well not rich but i have more money left in my purse then before

    well done everyone and newbies it gets easier by the day

    if i can do it anyone in the world can

  • Congratulations on getting so far.

    It is lovely to see people still posting and letting us newbies see there is a better life after cigarettes. I think that those posts are the one's that keep me motivated to keep going (as well as the support when I need it most).


    Lingy :)

  • I'm still here!!!

    Well done to all of us.

    Giving up smoking was the hardest thing i've ever done. The side effects, the depression, the cravings but it's so rewarding now.

    I've just got back from a 2 week holiday abroad and didn't even think about smoking.

    All you newbies hang in there because it does get easier.

  • I'm still here as well. I go to the gym 4 times a week and ride my bike more times than I drive now. Like the others, I can also sit next to smokers and not want one myself. To the newbies, it is worth it and does get easier.


  • Excellent job on your 8 months!!!

    So many of us on our way to the penthouse now.. It's great!


  • Big Up the New year quitters... I am still going strong too.

  • so happy to see u are all doing so well and are still right there with me :)

  • Loving it!!! Huge congratulations... If you can remember back was there any moment/time that you actually became depressed??? I'm onl on day 4 & feel really positive as I sort have accepted the cravings as the norm!!!

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