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Day 7-FINALLY! bad cough and weird phlegm


This is the longest I've gone without smoking a pack. Yes I cheated yesterday, I had one stick, and I didn't have another one then and today--and guess what, the withdrawal symptoms have peaked I think, and I should be good to go for week 2.

I'm having this bad cough...popped up today for some reason, and I've been spitting out this dark, browny and rusty colored stuff as of late (Tar I think).

This support group is awesome, by the way.

Love you all :)

Teegee V.

P.S How's your own going? :)

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Oh getting rid of all that nasty stuff is good!

Grz Teegee! Glad we are doing this together, I'm on day 7 as well and feeling absolutely fine :)

Making a post on my own to say goodbye to this section of the forum :D


You and I are smoke partners!

Yep well, more accurately we are QUIT-partners, but I know what you mean ;)

Also, I noticed in your first post that we not only quit the same day, we also smoked the same amount of cigarettes for the same amount of time (5 years, 1 pack), so I think you make a really good quitting partner for me - and what's even better is we are both doing good :cool:

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