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day 14 - funny again

Today I am really happy and active and I have managed to clean my room :) During the last two weeks I couldn't do anything except of working and reading smoking related articles.

I have found many clothes that were supposed to be clean, but they weren't... I have just realized that they smell so bad of cigarettes!!! I have to wash them again :eek: :D:D

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so glad that you have found things to do! It is suprising how much better your sense of smell gets after giving up smoking :p


Ah the clothes test eh! I know that feeling, all my clothes are meant to be clean (I'd wash EVERYTHING after smoking) but something has slipped through the net. My cupboard of clothes is in the study (which is just a bedroom I've taken over) and I can smell cigarette smoke. I feel a full strip out and wash coming on over the weekend.

Congrats on your're doing great


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