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Cold turkey, reached day 4

Hey guys, I'm a 25 year old Danish guy who has smoked regularly for about 4 years (pack a day).

I'm on my 4th day of quitting cold turkey and it's going pretty well. I still get some bad cravings, but they don't last as long as they did on day 1-3, it really helps me to get through them that I "know" they will pass soon. I just think to myself "you can be strong for 5 minutes, you've gone this far without a smoke".

I also have the "bargaining with myself" that I am sure all ex-smokers are familiar with. My addiction will tell me things like "You've already proven you can quit, so you can just smoke a bit and quit later", as ridiculous as this sounds, in the weak position many smokers find themselves, it's easy to just look for any excuse to smoke and cave in.

I try to just dismiss these arguments as soon as they arrise, take a deep breath and wait for the craving to go away. I tell myself it's all just the addiction talking and cigarettes never travel alone, they come in packs.

I've had several failed attempts to quit before, but I have tried to learn from all of them. The longest i have ever gone without a smoke is 10 days, the thing that made me lose it was hanging out with friends who smoked, and cave in to the "just have 1 smoke with your friends". I hope to be better prepared for that situation this time around - no cigarette whatsoever.

I decided to make a post here because I am doing ANY little thing that will make this attempt succesfull (except nicotine replacement products). I figure going back here and updating on my quit will give me something to look forward to and hopefully some support :)

I've studied good tips on quitting for the past 3 months, and I am using them all, so feel free to ask me anything if you're trying to quit also.

Thanks for reading all that (if you did), I'll check back in tommorow.

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Wotcha smoke cat!

The cravings fade pretty quick for most. I find timing them helps as you soon see how short and insignificant they are.


Well Done!

Congratulations on making it to day 4 and it is good that your cravings have cut down. In the second week, it gets even easier! you can do it mate :)


keep going hunny...i am on day 8 and tonight has been a 5 and tonight have been incredibly hard but BUT i have resisted...i have been through the bin for a cigarette but couldnt find one and so had a piece of nicorette gum instead...the first in 8 days but i am glad i had it in the house because if i didnt i would have gone to the shops for some tobacco!! This monster of an addiction we must beat!! So today i can say

Nicotine 0 Tankgurl 8 :D


Well done 4 is brilliant, be up to a week before you know it! :)


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