No Smoking Day
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Day 4, quit cold turkey

I'm 21, I've smoked for five years...smoked a more than a pack and a half a day since last year.

I took a leap and quit my nasty a** habit last Thursday. I've gone from b*tch troll from hell to raving lunatic in three days. I've yelled at my parents and I've been eating packs and packs of donuts. I'm thankful things relaxed a bit today.

Things are getting easier let me tell you.

All the best and God bless,


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Congrats, we're at the same step then. I feel like it's getting a bit easier too. Still get cravings of the same strength, but they don't last as long. So just take a couple deep breaths and tell yourself it's over in a few minutes.

Hope we both stick to our quit, write in tommorow and tell me how you're doing :)



Will post an update tomorrow! :)


It gets a whole lot easier in the second week, you can do this!!


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