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Proof of stopping

Hello I'm new here and was wondering if anyone could help me with this particular question.

At 42 I've finally had enough of smoking, at the moment I'm setting a date for my quit day and deciding through information also gleaned from this forum my method of quitting.

As an added incentive I've also decided to raise money for charities related to assistance canines both in the UK and USA, this is taking the form of accepting wagers from people and companies that i can actually do this.

So in a long winded way is it possible to prove to people when i stop that i actually have managed to give up smoking? As i say sorry if this is a bit long winded and i hope I've made sense any help/information would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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maybe it will be worth u attending a stop smoking clinic that way they can advise u on the nrt available and they also do a breath test on u to check your carbon monoxide and this will be proof u have quit

i am sure they would provide a written note as proof if it was for reason of raising money for charity

also should u need to prove it in person all someone would have to do is sniff u there is no disguising a smoker no matter how hard u try to hide it i didnt realise i smelt sooooooooooooo bad



Thank you Boo i have booked an appointment for a week on Tuesday at a stop smoking clinic(that was the earliest they could see me).

I didn't know about the carbon monoxide tests so thank you for that. Hopefully that will be proof enough or as you say ill have to get everybody to line up for the ultimate sniff test:rolleyes:

Its weird but i feel quite nervous about even attending the clinic but this is something i must do, thank you again for your time in replying, much appreciated.



Hi Quincey,

When I lived in the USA I attended a stop smoking clinic, and I can tell you for me it was a fantastic incentive to stop smoking because I didn't dare blow into that machine with more CO2 than expected :D

I had to follow a 12-week course of patches and go to the clinic once per week for a checkup. It was brilliant choice, helping me to stop for several years.



Thank you Alex,

I will definitely be keeping that appointment, ive only ever tried quitting before by going cold turkey, so i will be open minded to all suggestions from the professionals. Again thank you for your input much appreciated.



qiuincy if u need the NRT then go for it just do watever it takes to help you i used patches and inhalator and i am not ashamed of that one bit as it helped me get to now 7 and half months down the road

just do wat is right for u


wow boo well done on the 7 and a half months, dont worry im willing to take any and all help to kick this monkey of my back:mad: To be honest thats how it feels im tired of being manipulated by cravings. Roll on the clinic and ill let you know how i get on.


(for the record no monkeys were hurt in the writing of this post!):D


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