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2 days to quit date

Hello, This is my first time on this forum and I have two days left before I take the final plunge and change my life for the better forever (doesn't feel like that at the minute though :eek:).

I have been taking Champix and it is working. My cigarette intake is now down to two halves a day but I am really struggling getting rid of those final two.

Yesterday was a really bad day. I could not get cigarettes out of my head and although I was happy, I felt really stressed.

I am so pleased that I have finally found a forum where people will understand as my workplace is not understanding (apart from a couple of people) and think that you can give up just like that (this is where I have my main wobbles). My partner is also giving up at the same time so we are supportive to each other at home.

I just want to wish everyone going through the same experience loads of luck and determination :) I am sure I will be on here a lot.

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Don't start worrying about your quit date yet, just keep going as per normal. I feel not making a big deal of quitting is key if you can...that way you don't feel like you're missing anything.


2 days to quit date

Thank you.

I am really looking forward to being free. My brain says 'you want to stop, you don't need this anymore' but then the little monster seems to pipe in. I have felt fine up to yesterday and then got the wobbles.

I am very determined that I will succeed this time and my partner really needs to quit as he is unwell so I have to be strong to help him but my main reason is for me.

I feel so much better after reading comments on here and my willpower has been bolstered by those comments so bring on my day of freedom. :)


Hey Lingy,

I remember the wobbles very well in the days leading up to my quit... I remember having my last ( ever!!!) fag, and saying goodbye to it. The truth is, its really hard to ignore the receptors in your brain telling you to smoke, but it can be done.

I gave up on new years day, I set the date and stuck to it. I remember the first two weeks being really hard, but then I turned a corner and became really postive. I went cold turkey and remember the withdrawals very well...I tried to stay away from people during the worst of if because I was a grumpy, argumentative pain in the arse. :o:D but it did pass

by the end of the first month it felt so good to have challenged myself and my addiction, and beat it. Sure, there are days still when I want a cigarette, but its easily ignored... the idea of smoking now scares me, I never want to go back... I love the energy I now have, and the extra money, oh and not smelling of fags.

the best thing you can do is expect to feel crap for a few weeks, but then look forward to the benefits when you feel better.... you wont regret quitting.

good luck.



Hi Lingy

From another Champix user - trust the tablets! You are barely taking any nicotine already, and I promise you the pills will do their job on your quit date. I went through exactly the same feelings a few weeks ago, but the actual quit wasn't as bad as I feared. I felt slightly bereft, but not climbing up the walls. You will have bad moments, and the occassional bad day, but they will pass, and honestly, you can do it. Stay strong!


2 days to quit date

Thank you Vicki and Mrs T,

So nice to hear that it's not just me. I know my issue is psychological so I need to just keep reiterating that I am a non smoker and enjoy all the benefits it brings with it.

I have found loads of ideas to help on here and I am going to sit down with my partner and plan Sunday so we are occupied all day and won't have time to ponder. I am also going to keep a diary so I can write my feelings down and recognize danger points and then be able to read it back when things are getting easier and be able to cross off the ideas I had about cigarettes that I have eliminated.

I will let you know how I am doing when back in work on Monday.

Lingy :)


Good luck! We'll be here for you!



Morning all,

I finally did it and had my last cigarette on Saturday night. I said my farewell, stubbed it out and haven't had one since. By cutting down this made yesterday a lot easier to cope with and only had a few thoughts at specific times but nothing major.

I feel so much better already. I usually sleep in the afternoon at the weekend but couldn't yesterday because I wasn't tired :eek:.

My partner is getting it worse though. He was of the opinion that he could just stop (he is taking champix) but didn't try the same method of putting more time between each cigarette. Just making sure though he knows how proud of him I am, to encourage him and hoping he will have a better day today.

I am not counting my chickens yet though as I may feel great today but who knows tomorrow.

Lingy :)


Well done Lingy - I had a strong feeling you would be ok! Keep it up, and hope that your partner starts to find it easier soon.


Good luck to you both. Just remember that each day can be very different, and don't let that sway your determination. I am on day 5 at the moment, and it has been a really bad day. It's kind of a downer when you expect things to get easier, but just remember that in the long run they will.

When you get a craving here is what you should do:

1) Tell yourself it will only last for a little while.

2) Take some deep breaths

3) Drink some water or chew a gum

4) Reinforce yourself that the pain is a GOOD thing, it is your body healing

5) If nothing works go for a run (don't bring cash ;)), don't excersize for a long period of time, instead make it a short burst, ie. run fast untill you're worn out. I find doing that makes me forget cravings for a few hours.

Always keep reinforcing your motivation and instill on yourself that THIS IS YOUR FINAL QUIT! Never another cigarette no matter what. You will soon find that your addiction will try bargaining with you, don't even bother trying to argue with yourself - you're not a smoker anymore. period.


Thank you both for your encouragement.

I made sure we had plenty of chewing gum and I use a water bottle which you have to suck on as that helps when I am craving.(Water intake is very high now:D)

I am finding today hasn't been too bad so far and I have plenty to occupy me when I get home.

I am just taking it slowly and have lots of reminders around to keep me on track.

Smokecat keep going, 5 days is a real achievement and hopefully things will get better.




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