Day 1 of Forever!

My first post.

I have literally been through the most stressful 6 months of my life and am still in the midst of it (although things are getting better). After 8 years of smoking I decided that this was as good of time as any to give up.

If I have survived the last 6 months, I hope I will definitely survive this! My outlook, I may as well get all the stress and anxiety in life done and out of the way at once.

I won't lie, cigarettes and alcohol (as much as I know they shouldn't) have been a major coping tool for me recently, more than ever. The increase in both has trebled over the past few months and it's now time to kick them (well maybe not the occasional booze up :D).

Day 1 and already feeling it a little. Not necessarily the cravings but the stress/anxiety fix and routine. I am using patches with an inhalator when I need it (I know it's not cold turkey but I think I would literally loose my sh*t at the minute with nothing).

I have faith in myself that I can do this..... the proof will be in the pudding though!

I do have a question to pose everyone with though, and a random one at that!...... I have no real worries at the moment with giving up. I can deal with the cravings, stress etc. Sleep doesn't worry me as I suffer with CFS anyway.

However, my partner smokes. We are still in (although heading out of) an extremely trying period together and I don't want to push her away with her smoking. Like she would feel she has to get away from me to smoke and stay away afterwards because of the smell (and I know that would be how she would think). I'm not going to tell her I have given up, although she will notice eventually. Has anyone got any tips of to how to cope around smokers? A handful of my friends smoke as well so I would have to get to grips with it eventually.

Thanks for any help.

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  • Hi Adam

    My partner continued to smoke for over a week when I first gave up. To be honest, I was keen that we didn't give up at the same time - I was worried that it may be too explosive! During this time, although not smoking hit me like a kind of bereavement, I don't think that the fact that he was still smoking made it worse. He tried not to do it in front of me, but I was very aware of it nevertheless. The way I saw it was that I was giving up for me, and this should not depend on the choices made by my husband or other friends who smoked. Lots of people say that once they have stopped, they don't like the smell of smoke anymore. Personnally, I still do, but like every other trigger that you hit, you just have to hold your resolve and be strong, I think. Good luck!

  • Hello,

    You know its the BEST decision you'r making. Smoking and alcohol has been all over the place as being a very bad combo so your smart to just stop. You need to be prepared. It depends on how you deal with situations. I couldnt shout out that I was quitting immediatley becuase I was worried of the pressure. Eventually, I mentioned it to close people so theyd know. I personally would avoid anything that is going to trigger a craving. You are detoxing and your body is used to using nicotine as a way to deal with stress and boredom. Another little trick is trade smoking for apples. Thats a really healthy way to let go. One way to eliminate those 3 min cravings is deep breathing! Thats amazingly effective! I hope all goes smooth!

  • I know for a fact that the smell revolts me, even as a smoker.

    With exception to the past few months my partner has always smoked a lot more than me. I would really notice it for example when she would go for a cigarette before bed and instead I would get straight into bed.

    We she got back it stank, it was revolting!

    My worry if the habit when it is around you so much. For example my partner and I are going away this weekend. I know during the day when doing things I will be fine, but when we are sat outside a bar in the evening and she lights up..... I know that will be tough! :mad:

  • Wotcha Adam

    One thing you'll hear on here is one day at a time; in the beginning make that an hour at a time. I know the journe seems daunting, but don't let that put you off, let it drive you. I've had a a few failed attempts and the REAL difference with this ones I'm ignoring the drivers, I still go for smoke breaks at work, I just don't smoke.

    I can relate to your situatio (I think, I don't know your circumstances); I too have been reliant on alcohol as well as nicotine; feel free to PM me if you want to ask any questions.

    This is the best thing you'll EVER do. It may be tough but after a short while it'll all click and become a little easier.


  • I wholeheartedly agree with Mrs T (and maybe others :D). In fact, I'm drawing up a list of 'rules of the quit' or rather 'guidelines of the quit', which includes one item I'm quite adamant about:

    Quitting is about changing oneself, not about changing the world around us.


  • Yeah, I live in a small town so I can deal with going to the pubs and the social club without smoking but I am not ready to go to a smoker's house or go to the pubs where my girlfriend lives as a lot of people smoke and usually we spend a lot of time outside the pubs. This will change with with time but it is the way it stands at the moment. In September, I am going to be house sharing where most of my housemates smoke :confused: should be interesting . . .

  • Thanks for the support.

    Day 1 down, day 2:D - To be honest last night was a piece of cake. Slight craving after I had eaten but subsided quickly with inhalator.

    Popped a sleeping pill and slept like a baby. Woke up this morning and no strong cravings as of yet.

    The only annoying thing I find at the minute is I get restless, especially at work. If I am sat down (which I am most of the day) my hand's and feet are taping/moving constantly without me even realising.

  • Just want to say well done on your decision to quit smoking. Im over 9 months stopped now after well over 25 years smoking and this is the best thing I have EVER done for myself. Not just the money I have saved but the fact that I can take a full lung full of fresh air.

    Read as much as you can about how you will feel and how to deal with stopping. Willpower is a huge part in that quit and no it wont be easy and when you think you have got it beat the craving will come out of nowhere so stay on your toes.

    Good luck and keep posting to let us know how your getting on. :)

  • Hello,

    Your resolution is quite good,

    I also had had the same try,

    sincere wishes you succeed at an early age

    Good luck! :)

    SPAMMER reported. :rolleyes:


  • Well I am now into day 3!

    Still not finding it too hard. Cravings go away in a few minutes, I just bite down and focus on something else.

    Only thing I have found is I am very very tired and irritable. Unfortunately my partner got the brunt of that this morning :eek:

    I was around her smoking all last night, and to be honest except the initial smell from the cigarette, the rest of it disgusted me.

  • Well I am now into day 3!

    Still not finding it too hard. Cravings go away in a few minutes, I just bite down and focus on something else.

    Only thing I have found is I am very very tired and irritable. Unfortunately my partner got the brunt of that this morning :eek:

    I was around her smoking all last night, and to be honest except the initial smell from the cigarette, the rest of it disgusted me.

    Happy to see that you are doing so well! Well done buddy :)

  • Sounds like things are going well Adam. I'm strange in the fact I love the smell of others smoke but it doesn't drive me to a craving.

    You'll be at a week before you know it.

  • Now, I have a random question for everyone that might throw a bit of "hypocrite" into the discussion.

    Has anyone tried using the electric cigarettes?

    The reason that I ask..... My main reasons for giving up are;

    #1: Money

    #2: Smell

    #3: Anti-Social

    The health effects at this point in my life don't worry me, and never have really.

    I enjoy smoking, I genuinely do. However I have other things in my life, particularly financially that I would prefer to focus my efforts on.

    I don't see this as me being any less determined to quit, I still have my own genuine reasons for giving up which are strong.

    However, although I don't necessarily have terrible cravings at the moment. I do particularly miss the "feel" of smoking (I know you will all understand what I mean by that). My inhilator is great, and working. But occasionally I want a little bit more.

    And there are occasions, especially when out or socializing that I really feel I would enjoy one. But I don't want to indulge in a cigarette with the nasty smell, tar and all the other crap.

    So I was thinking about continuing my NRT treatment (which is going well) and weaning myself out of "addiction" and using something like an e-cig for occasional social smoking. When I say occasional, I literally mean a few a month with friends and drink.

    I know my thoughts may seem backwards to some - Perhaps even a little like I don't want to give up and am taking the p*ss. But I'm genuinely just contemplating in finding a middle ground. Where I can give up, but still enjoy the occasional indulgence.

    I know most will say "there is no such thing as a social smoker", but to me there is. And I have a lot of friends that do it.

    If anyone can offer up some constructive advice it would be greatly appreciated. Especially as to brands/effectiveness etc.

  • Hi Adam

    I went down the e-cig route last year. Frankly, it never really felt like smoking - the devise is actually quite heavy and you have to push a button each time you take a drag! I gave them up because they made me cough and gave me a sore throat! And I have to say, I had no trouble at all quitting those things! Financially, they aren't that cheap by the time you have bought all the gizmo's involved. Although, they are odourless, and of course, you can legally use them in public places. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend them, and even though I still have all the stuff at home, I haven't felt at all tempted to use them since my quit this time.

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