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RE: Sleeping

I have read lots of post of people not sleeping well but I seem to have the opposite!

I am using the 24 hour patches & whilst I do have some crazy dreams I have also been sleeping very very well! I have always needed a good nights sleep - ideally 8 hours although this is not always achievable - nowadays I am getting my definite 8 hours and over the weekend I slept one night for 11 hours straight!

I wake up feeling like I have had a really deep sleep - some mornings my eyes will barely open until I hit the shower!

Is anybody else sleeping this well - or is this just a fantastic new side effect for me!


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On this occasion I am.

I'm generally a bad sleeper any way, have been for years...but maybe that was the smokes? Who knows?

Sleeping was the worst part of my last two quits as ... well I just didn't get any. Complete opposite this time around. I can't say I'm sleeping anywhere near 8 hours a night but the kip that I do get is lovely and deep.


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