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Just started week 2


Wotcha me again.

Well after a number of spectacular FAILS I've found myself starting week 2 of not smoking. I'm not going to dare call it a quit as that wasn't the intention, I went to visit the family for a few days and it just sort of happened.

I decided to get some time under my belt before popping in to the forums; I actually feel more pressurised over the first few days if on here...not sure why. I guess in the back of my mind I then feel I have something to prove.

So...completed 7 full days at 0800 this morning, feeling good so far with very few cravings. I've made sure I've put myself in all the difficult 'want to smoke' positions this week when any cravings have been at their highest so I know I can do it.

...now just got to accept this is a quit and there's no going back! Will be rewarding myself with gym membership for my wife and I as I can now afford it!


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