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Day 3..... gonna be a difficult one!

So I've made it to Day 3 and so far so good.

I have had very few cravings over the last couple of days - the patches seem to have been doing their magic. However today I just woke up in a grump - everything is annoying me - doubled with that I have a particularly stressful day at work! I don't for a minute think I will fail today - but being in a bad mood winds me up even more!

I know that getting through today will be a big achievement - just got to get there though!

On a good note though I skyped my little sister yesterday who lives in Oz - and she was SO PROUD of me which makes me feel so good!

Best of luck to everybody today....keep fighting the demon!


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Hi jspjsp,

There will be those days, for sure. It's good that you recognize the bad mood and just let yourself get on with being like that. No point trying to fight bad feelings, so long as you are resisting the temptation to smoke.

Just tell people "go away, I'm in a bad mood." :p

Those kinds of days may come and go for a while, but they definitely won't last forever.



Well done for making it this far! Things will get better the longer you've given up for!!!


Well done jspjsp. Day 3 for me too. And well done Tombo. Jacqui


Keep going!

Oh God, Day 3, I remember it well! It was my stumbling block every time I tried to stop smoking and the first time I got past it to Day 4 without a cigarette really was the start of the rest of my life.

Made it past Day 3 in January 2009... and have been smokefree ever since.

I admit it wasn't easy. I forced myself to stay away from the pub for a month for fear of temptation... now I run past the smokers in the doorway because the smell is just so rank!

Keep going everyone... you can't put a price on the happiness that comes from not being a slave to nicotine any more (well, er, you can - I've saved nearly £5,000 since quitting just two years ago. Incredible!)


I'm on day 5 and I can confirm that even though you still have cravings after day 3, it definately does not get any worse after that point.

I think people who relapse after day 3 do it mainly due to letting their guard down and tricking themselves into believing one little puff won't hurt.

If you have the strength to get through day 3, then you have the strength to quit alltogether.


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