No Smoking Day
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Last day in month 2


Its my last day in Month 2 :p

The result of a whole week of planning for my anniversary day tomorrow is this:

- I took a day off work

- Tonight I am going to my home town, which I love a lot

- I am going to get a good night's sleep

- Taking a walk in the park in the morning and relaxing on a bench breathing fresh air while watching the fountain.

- Having breakfast - I called my mother and she will prepare my favourite - pancakes

- Going to the dentist where I'll get a whitening

- After that I am going to sunbathe at a pool and then swim in the cold water.

- Next I am going to take a shower and get a massage

- After that I am going out with my best friend and we are going to play some snooker(my favourite game) and drink beer

- For dinner I am going to eat at a expensive sushi(my favourite food) restaurant

- Last but not least I'll go clubbing with my friends

I am sooo going to spoil myself :D:D:D

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you absolutely deserve it

what a brillaint list of treats and you are in month 3 shortly, definately worth the massive celebration and with the money saved from not smoking it makes it all easier to afford

we are saving all our cigarette money and taking our three youngest to disneyland paris either october this year or march next year. so we can say in the future remember wen we went to disneyland paris because we quit smoking and could afford it

well done ninetails


Sounds like a top day you have planned there, I'm quite jealous!

Not for the first time, I'm almost wishing I'd smoked proper cigs instead of rollups, so I'd really have saved some significant cash by now. Unfortunately they were cheap and I don't feel any financial benefit at all from quitting. Oh well :rolleyes:

Congratulations on a great quit Ninetails x


well done ninetails!! you have a great day planned out for tommorrow!! :)

enjoy yourself and have a great time you deserve it!! :D :D


Brilliant Ninetails, it's amazing that we can enjoy life so much without needing to smoke!

See you on the next level :)


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