No Smoking Day
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Last Day in Month 2 Forum... Who wants my seat?

Dear all,

Well my toes and nose feel like they are going to drop off after I skated my way in to work lol

Hardly any other bugger is here... so I hope this is duely noted for end of year performance reports ;) lol

Anyway just wanted to say to everyone that this month 2 room has been just lovely! Good wine, good food and great company. Hope to see you all in Month 3... P.S. Anyone in month 3 got a nice spot for me? I will see you there tomorrow!!! :D

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Well done you, how time flies.

I have made a note for the end of year, but what do you want me to do with it. :D


Just keep it safe Bev, and hand it to my Boss at the end of March ;) lol


Well done Mixxy you're doing great

Also well done getting to work when others didn't I'll have a word in your bisses shell like later OK


Marg xx


yayyyyyyy Thanks Marg :D xxxx


Well done Mixxy. Lovely to see you in here - kept a seat nice and warm for you. L x :D


A whole 2 months completed, well done you.



aw mixxy will miss u but soon be with u... day 1 of week 7 for me..... feeling emoionaly batter... nothin do with cigs... my cat...... but not smoking xxxx


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