Last day in month 5

Hi peeps

So pleased to say Ive packed my case cos I will be moving into the very first day of month 6 tomorrow. Yesssssssssssssssss.

This is the third time since 2007 that I have been here but I will not be back because its third time lucky and im going to reach the penthouse this time. Thank you all for your great support. Lots of love Linda xxxxx:D:D:D

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  • Hi Linda,

    Keep going this time you will reach the penthouse:D


  • If anyone deserves it Linda, it is you.

    The most determined quitter on the boards has made it at last, despite all that life throws at you - you knew you would do it sooner or later, and so did we - there was never any doubt.

    Well done!

    Stu. xxx

  • Way to go Linda well done:D:D


  • Linda,

    Well done you. See you in the penthouse soon.

    As you say this is definately 3rd time lucky for you.:D:D:D


    Bernie x

  • Hi Linda :D

    WAHEY 5 months completed brilliant


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Go Linda!!!!!!

    Brilliant News. Well done.

  • Well done Linda!!!!

    That's fantastic..

  • Thank you all so very much. could not do it with out you all.xxxxx

  • Great going on reaching your 6th month......:D

    I knew you would do it this time Linda......

  • Thanks Nog

    Lovely star.xxxxx

  • Woot!!!! Well done Linda Hun, I just know this time is it, you have faced so many hurdles and still over come then.

    Hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WELL DONE!!!



  • BIG, BIG CONGRATULATIONS. Can't wait till I'm where you are now.


  • Thank you all my lovely quit buddys. This quit feels a lot easyer than the others still think of ciggys every day but not the same thoughts as the start. Also no craves and bad days are very far apart. so stick at it it gets easyer honest.xxxxxxxxxx

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