No Smoking Day
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day 3

Hi, :)

well it's stopped raining so I am attempting to keep cheerful till the man with a van brings me my shopping. Managed to avoid buying any cancer causing substances like nicotine, but was tempted. I suppose I always will be.

Our book club was good this week. And I hoovered the living room this am. Just all the rest of the house to clean, then tidy, then deal with a mountain of paperwork.:mad:

Am trying one step at a time. For the minute that means flop.

Keep going all! :)


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Hi :)

Oh rain ... my veg plots are green with envy.

No, I don't believe you'll always be tempted to buy smokes :) Over time, along with the craves and urges, the temptation to buy will decrease and not buying/smoking will become the new 'norm'. Maybe that seems so far away it's feeling impossible, but it will come in time :)

One day at a time. You'll get you there :cool:

Hope you get some good momentum flowing once you get started, soon feeling your reducing the paper mountain.



Hi Pol

:) Yes sometimes I think it's just getting started that's hard but I got started this am and just got stuck again. I'd only done a little bit of hoovering and I was shaking as if I'd run a race. I hope this isn't side effects of the medication I take,

though a bit of a bug over the weekend may not have helped. :(

Must do some cleaning though, the place is getting unhygienic.

anyway, thank you for your post.




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