No Smoking Day
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Second Day

Hi guys made it to day two.

This morning was really hard for some reason, think it was because I knew I would not have my morning fag.

But managed ok told my self smoking does nothing for me and that I am a happy non-smoker.

I guess today will be similar to day one, I will be fine at work its when I leave I get the itch for a fag.

I have told the other half not to leave her tobacco left lying around to keep temptation away, also going to do some exercise tonight as well as I felt great after a run last night, really missed my running.

Also realized last night I have been trying to quit since the end of april so I am really determined now.

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Think I posted on your day 1 but WELL DONE FOR GETTING TO DAY 2, just tomorrow to go and the nicotine will have left your system which is a massive milestone.

Something that really helped me was having a quit counter on my phone, if you have an Iphone or Android phone, download "quitnow", you unlock achievments and it almost feels like a game.

You are doing so so well, keep you positive attitude and you will do this.

Jill xxx


well done gregor, day two is tough but you are doing really well facing up to both work and your tough time coming home, keep at it and keep believing, your nearly there :)


thanks guys, I made it through tonight even with the added stress of my team getting beat at football lol. Ready for day three.


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