No Smoking Day
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second day!!!

yesterday, all in all, wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. there where a few times that i could have killed somebody for a fag, but thanks to a few people on here and a bit of determination i got through!!!

today, however, seems destined to be bad from the start. i have had a maximum of 2 hours sleep and have now given up trying to sleep and come downstairs. i am already really in need of a smoke and am thinking of waking the kids up just to take my mind off things!!!

is anybody online at the moment who can offer some words of advice because i can't think of anything.

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Hi Werzal.....I didnt have a lot of problems sleeping......I used to .....all the posts on here ....follow peoples links to different things about smoking and how bad it is for you.....go to the champix site and read through stuff there......:Dcount all my money that I saved......clean out cupboards......cook......anything to stop you thinking about smokes:eek:

I did it you can too;)


Me too, the first couple of days are hard but stay cool breathe deep and relax. You can do it


i've been sat here looking at everyones posts and its helping a bit, i will look at the champix site aswell. my baby girl has just woken up so that will occupy me for a while, but i think cleaning ans stuff would be a good move......

thanks for the advice, i will keep you posted.


its not good is it murph!! now the kids are awake and im bloody knackered because i've been tossing and turning and goin to the toilet all night!!!

still, these things are sent to test us!!!

i can do it and i am going to do it... thanks for the confidence boost i feel better already...;)


Hi Werzal

Good your feeling better now. Just think it's only 8am and alrady you've got the worst bit of the day over with. Honestly it does get better from here on.

When you want a cigarette, ask yourself if you could turn the clock back would you ever have had that first cigarette then. Then tell youself that you can turn that clock back and this is your second chance to get it right this time.

I felt better about not having a cigarette when I made a conscious choice not to have one. It was better to think 'I could have one if I wanted but I choose not to', rather than 'I'm dying for one but I can't/musn't have one'.

I had sleeping problems with Champix too. Mainly because the weird dreams kept me awake and then I'd be tired all day, go to bed early, then the dreams would kick in again and keep me awake etc etc. It was a vicious circle for a few weeks but honestly, the side effects did get better.

Good luck



Thanks cyprien, that is all very true. I actualy make a concious decission every time I get my champix out of the kitchen draw which is the same draw I kept half a pouch of tobbacco in just incase I failed. This morning it was acctually sat ontop of my tablets so I had to move it, but the thought didn't cross my mind that while I had it in my hand I could easily roll one and nobody would ever know,,, but then I would just be cheating myself and that would be pointless.. It is very satisfying know that I could go and have one right now but I don't want to!!!!!!!!!!

I also noticed, even yesterday, the smell on people when they have just smoked!!! My wife and two sister-In-law's went in the back garden for a fag. When they all came in at the same time the living room stunk of smoke.. I never believed people when they said that I stink of smoke but now I can see just how bad the smell is...

Sorry bit of a ramble there so I'll stop now!!!


Hi Werzal :)

Well done day 2 that's great just hang in there

Sorry today started badly for you but pleased it's got better now

It really doeas get easier Promise


Marg xxxx


I'm acctually begining to enjoy the challenge now...

You guys given me some great advice and ecouragement so far and I feel there is more to come..

I'm already feeling better within myself and it's only a matter of time before the money builds up because I'm going to keep putting it by each week...

This time next year I'll be a millionaire!!!!!!!!


I know what you mean about enjoying the chllenge. I actually started to enjoy the process of giving up. Each time I got through a 'first' eg going out with smoking friends; having a drink; having a meal at a friends house where everyone smoked; not buying cheap cigarettes abroad when I had the chance etc etc - I got a real sense of achievement.

Enjoy each of your victories.



i get one of those every 30 mins or so at the moment because i would always say... "i'll just have a fag while i do that" or "i'm taking the dog for a walk, i'll have a fag while i do that"....

i could go on but you get the point!!!


Struggling again this afternoon..have been tidying, washing, cleaning, shopping(and I hate shopping) but still wanting a smoke. Don't worry I'm not going to have one, I've come too far to turn back now.. I've tried all the ideas you lovely people have given me but I'm starting to feel like I'm on a comedown after a 17 year high...

A few times today I have nearly reached for them out of habit but luckily managed to stop!!!


i've made it to the evening again... feeling a little bit short of breath and coughing a lot. i presume that is part of the clearing process.

hoping for a better night sleep tonight because i've got a 30 mile drive tomorrow morning..

i've been in a little world of my own for the last couple of days, is this normal.. starting to feel a bit more normal now, but still not quite right.

still, lets see what happens tonight and in the morning!!


Well done Werzal

Have you tried cooking as a distracting activity? During week one I did so much that I had to start giving stuff to friends as my freezer was full. They were delighted :D



the only thing i can cook is beans on cheese on toast. apart from that if i cant put it in the oven and forget about it then i dont know where to start. might go and get the guitar out though, that should help!!!


Hi Werzal,

Congratulations on day 2!! Even with Champix, the first 3 days not smoking are the hardest and it gets noticably easier after that.

I had some weird sleep experiences in the first week or two on it. Those were the strangest dreams / nightmares I've ever had. However, I did sleep. This side effect stopped for me after about the third week. Perhaps your sleep will also improve.

I don't think I would've succeeded with quitting without Champix. I've smoked more or less since I was 13 and I'm 53. It was a way of life for me (and probably everybody else that smoked).

Hang in there and have a great smokefree day,


PS Don't those people shivering in the cold inhaling smoke look silly now? ;)


PS Don't those people shivering in the cold inhaling smoke look silly now? ;)

as i read this bit my wife was walking back in from the garden, shivering... hehehe

i'm hoping to get some sleep tonight cos im at college in the morning so need to be able to think.

still, i will carry on all the same... sleep or no sleep... i don't plan on smoking again!!!

goodnight everybody and thanks again for your help today.

see you on day 3!!!


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