No Smoking Day
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Hi Helsbells, Harny, Chellalean (and others) on day 6

Hi thank you for your kind posts.

Today the weather has broken again, got a bit damp just now coming back from our town centre. OH is on early shift but looks to be still at work.

I'm a bit tired after yesterday's trip to Big Town, but managed to do some drawing/painting for an hour, something I haven't done in years, quite enjoyed it at one point. The key thing is to go to the group early, before Mr Objectionable turns up and sours the atmosphere. I shall have to remember to set my alarm a bit earlier, or at least listen to it!

There's another painting club in little Town which meets this evening, but that one has a Mrs Motormouth in it too, so no earthly use thinking I could enjoy that.

Anyway thank Heaven for small mercies. :)

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