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Week 3 on Champix

Well 3 weeks into Champix, I set my goal far to early thinking I would be ready in the 2nd week!! but I am near the end of the 3rd week and I have now gone 19hours without a ciggie, This is the longest I have ever gone without.

Yesterday I had 3 left in the pack and on a normal day I would be panicking incase I run out, yesterday that did not happen I felt fine.

When I was getting ready for bed last night I thought shall I have a sneaky one (no-one will know) what if I cant sleep cause I havent had one!!! (yeah rite) I didnt give in and just went to bed needless to say I slept like a baby.

I know I still have a long way to go and this is just the start but if anyone is on Champix and think they are not working... trust me they do work but they take a bit of time so just stick with it, I know I am

Good luck all

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well done paula, those nineteen hours without a cig must feel great! you are now well into the new world of being a non-smoker, you have so many wonderful things to look forward to, better health, more energy, better appearance, clarity of thought, the list is endless :) well done again, keep strong :)


Hey 5mol<er

I am feeling great at the moment, day 2 now. will admit I got a bit tempted last night but didnt cave in. I cant beleive I have gone nearly 2 days without a ciggie.. never thought I would see it.

So very proud of myself at the moment :D

How are you getting on? Hope ur ok x


Good luck 2 u paula39 im on 6 weeks 1 day, cold turkey i never thought id get this far it feels amazing when u look back at what u have achieved at 2-3 days quit i never thought i would be typing this!! keep going take 1 day at a time you can do it!! :D :)


You've a right to be proud

Hi Paula'

I'm on Champix too and have slipped into my 3rd week without a proper quit date. I hate being told what to do and I'm learning I have to TELL MYSELF WHAT TO DO!!! Champix has helped and so has this forum. Tomorrow is my quit day and today it's 5pm--- haven't had a smoke [sneak practice run !] and yesterday went out for a drink [BIG TRIGGER] and didn't smoke. My quit day doesn't seem so scary as it did a week ago.

Keep going and I'll be with you


Hey guys

Barnard1 your very brave going cold turkey, I would have failed on the first day so well done you.. I still cant believe I am doing this its been 5 days now and Friends are even smoking in front of me and it really doesnt bother me :)

I agree with you it is a great feeling thou, such an achivement for all of us. Keep up the good work



It will happen Julie

Hey Julie

I thought Champix wouldnt work but believe me it does, it just might be taking longer for you.

Im not going to tell you what to do lol (as you dont like being told what to do :) but just bare with it. I was mid way through my 3rd week on them and suddenly I just didnt want to smoke. And it hasnt bothered me since.

Well done you for being able to have a drink without having a ciggie :) that is a mile stone in its self. the tablets will kick in soon hun just wait and see you will be shocked when it happens :D

Im with you all the way, keep me posted. here to support you anytime

take care x


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