No Smoking Day
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Day 14

Hey everyone.

It's been 2 weeks since I last had a cig.

The mornings are getting easier which is a real bonus. I've also noticed that my teeth look a bit whiter than when I was smoking too.

It actually seems like months since I last had a cig, I think that's because once the patch kicks in I don't think about smoking at all. Still no major craves either which I'm happy about, and I still have the determination not to smoke.

I think I'll treat myself to season 2 of dexter on dvd for reaching 2 weeks :D

Thanks for reading, Daniel.

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Well done Daniel on 2 weeks. Wish I could say I had no craves but I did for a while went cold turkey, but don't get any now.

Treat yourself to those DVD's you deserve it.



Thanks Maria :) and yeah I've been quite lucky so far with the craves. The patches really seem to agree with me.


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