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11 months today!

Hi all.

Nearly at the penthouse!!! Those who are already there had better start redecorating and getting the drinks and party stuff ready, as its going to be one hell of a party!!!

I simply CANNOT believe that i have been smoke free for 11 months. I have no idea where the time went. For someone who didnt ever want to quit in the first place, i think i have done well!

As always, i dont think i would have got this far without the support of people on this forum, and my 8-9-10 group, i am so proud of us all.

My advice to newbies, and those early in their quit? READ, READ, READ! Arm yourself with all the knowldege you can about your quit, about the symptoms etc, and dont feel like you have 'given up' anything- you are not! You are gaining a better life!

Now...just got to work out how i am going to celebrate in 'real life'? Any suggestions???

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Congratulations on 11 months!!!

hhm what to do for a celebration? something that you could never have done as a smoker maybe, climb a mountain?!! (maybe that doesn't sound like fun though lol,

whatever you decide, it'll be the best day ever :)


A very big well done Claire 11 months WOW!!!!! I bet that feels good.

I think I would celebrate with a nice holiday with the money I saved somewhere I always wanted to go, but what ever you do TREAT yourself you deserve it!

Here's to a smoke free life.

Maria.:) x x x


Claire well done, but what makes you think the Penthouse needs cleaning and decorating?? I cannot imagine why you would even consider it looks a mess.

This is your room kept in reserve for you,


so I would suggest you make sure you bring some cleaning stuff with you, I don't know whose room it was but they seem to have moved on, think it might have been Blades :eek:

Doesn't the time whiz by, I sometimes think time passes quicker since I quit.

As for how to celebrate, lots of 5793 and but preferably not with a dog :D



Hi Claire

Well done on your 11 months. We are all so proud of you, only another month and you will be in that Penthouse. When you get there let the ones coming up behind you know what its like.

Anyhow see you in the penthouse in Oct. LOL


*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'`^`'~* Excellent!!! *~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'`^`'~*

Well done, Claire!



Thanks guys!


Claire, wow 11 months is Huge, sorry am a bit late but Congrats to you. Not long till you get to that penthouse now:)


Thanks Everyone!


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