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Champix Day 5


Could anyone help me? I'm on day 5 of taking champix, the side effects I have are , feeling tired, sick and headaches. The worst one for me is the headaches, I have had a headache for 3 days now. Whenever I bend over to pick something up, about 5 seconds after getting up I'm in agony! feels like I have been hit with a bat and this lasts for about 10 seconds. I also get the same thing after getting up from sitting down. Has anybody had these side effects? and how long do they last? I don't want to give up giving up, but I can't take this pain much longer. :(

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Hi Eski sorry can't help with the champix, it's quiet on here today but I'm sure some body will be along later to help. Hope you feel better soon.



Hi Betty boop ,

Thank you :0


Hi Eski

I am on day 19 of champix and day 12 of quitting. I had quite a few headaches in the first week or so of being on them but they died down after about 10 days of taking the pills. They were worse when I had actually stopped smoking so I think some of it was to do with nicotine withdrawal. I am still getting the nausea so am only taking one Champix a day which suits me better - I respond to medication quite quickly so even things like paracetamol knock me out lol

With the sharp pains you are getting maybe you should have a chat with your doctor or nurse and see what they suggest. It could just be your body adjusting to the medication and nicotine withdrawal but always better to be safe :D

Good luck with your quit and hope you start to feel better soon


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