No Smoking Day
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knock knock knocking on 4's door!

Oh yessum!

Day 4!

Now its getting a little easier, yesterday was a bit moody to say the least!

Today has been very busy, cleaned the car to get rid of all of that musty nastiness, smell coming back... mmm hmm!

Doing well do far.... back you nicodemon! You'll not get me today!!

Hope everyone is doing just fine.... keep strong and keep on winning!!!! :D

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Well Done! will soon be a week...but one day at a time.Best Wishes.douglas.j


Well done zozie,

I must sort my car out before I go back to work next week. Take the empty fag packets out and wash the ashtray, actually it might not need doing as I don't think I have used it for a long while, all the better lol. Have got a lovely strawberry, Jelly Bean air freshner in there so that helps. A bit (lot) of Fabreze and all should be well.

Hope you are having a good day 4 hun.

G xx


f f f f f f four!

Almost end of day 4.... happy and smiling, busybee-itis is the key!

Take that Nico-monster, right in the eye!


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