No Smoking Day
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And on the 7th Day

Hey Everyone.

Still OK, all things considered. I've been really lucky to stumble onto a good quit, this week really hasn't been the week of hell i was expecting. I've done bugger all today, had the day off work so just been lounging around the house. I'll go for a run later I think to burn off some nervous energy, looking forward to it being easier to breathe going uphill.

Also enjoying the newer me. Although it has been a stressful week, my emotions are a lot more balanced than usual because they're not being controlled by nicotine. I also like having hair that feels alive (it's still ginger tho) softer skin and higher energy.

I'm not getting complacent though, I've come a long way but not nearly long enough. This isn't something i'm doing this month, its something i'll be doing forever. I've learnt a lot from previous quits and this is already my 2nd best one.

Good luck to everyone else!


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happy to hear you are doing well!! congrats and keep it up:D


Way to go Jordan. Make this THE quit!

One day at a time x




7 days of non smoking is a credit to you.Best wishes.....douglas.j


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