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...and on the 7th day, she looked around in disbelief


Well, dear Quitters, it has been...ONE WEEK. One, never previously imagined possible, week of not lighting up, of resisting temptation, of achieving the miraculous, and being supported so wonderfully by those who know!

I know it's early days (it certainly feels like it!) but for me, it's an amazing milestone. Thanks to everyone for helping me to get here, and get on the road, good and proper, to becoming a permanent Quitter!

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Well done for reaching the first milestone of note in your quit. Seems hard to believe at times once you realise how long you've been smoke free doesn't it?

Keep it up.

Happy, happy, happy feet!



Well done Badgepup!!!!

Love the penguins Badge :D

That's one fantastic achievement! A huge well done to you. Time for a wee celebration I think. :)

A massive congrats from me also.

So great to have a week done and dusted.

Looking forward to your future posts.

Well done:)

Thanks Tracey, Skiddaw and befly - I'm going to post in Week 2 (who said Week 2?? Somebody PINCH ME!!!).

Thanks Craig and Sandy. Despite feeling desperately mopey, I can't deny that having a whole week under the belt is truly awesome....and I'm so glad to hear that it gets better. Phew-flipping-whee!

Well done Badgepup :)

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