My 7th smoke free Christmas

... well since I was fifteen anyway.:p

Something amazing has just happened..... I missed my 6th anniversary. That is an accomplishment in its self as I used to countdown to making my anniversary posts.

On the 27th November 2007 I took my last drag on the filth and not one puff has passed my lips since.

Now I smoked.. I would smoke anything and it was totally engrained in my life.

I read Alan Carrs book, The Easyway To Give Up smoking and that along with the help and fun I received from this place helped me be where I am today.

I can recall visiting my mum in hospital during those early months and seeing/hearing an old man coughing his guts up. I didn’t want to be that person.

Finally I was cycling slowly through the local park on the way to work the other week when a youth approached and asked if I had a light. Without thinking and with what now must be a natural reaction I replied

"Sorry mate I don’t smoke"

Merry Christmas everybody click here for the link to a fabulous website that may save you some pennies)

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  • :DI can't wait for the day I forget my anniversary :D Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year :D

  • Well done me old mucker, isn't it great to be free. I do sometimes forget what it was like to be a smoker.

    Give my regards that massive angry tabby next time you see them :p

  • As the others have said, what a great post! Well done you and Merry Christmas to you and all the best for 2014.:)

  • Hi.

    I'm only 15 days into my quit and your message has given me so much hope that I can achieve what you have. Great post. :)

  • What a fabulous and inspiring post, thank you! Posts like this really do help and inspire us beginners! Have a very Merry Christmas! :)


  • Typical...

    I pop in and post a six year note and you have to pop in and do the same.

    Is this going to happen every year then?

    How time flies...


  • Well I've now just missed my 9th anniversary but feel I need to put down a written record of how far I've come.

    I'm still very friendly with a great bunch of lads( were all nearly 50 now lol) and every Wednesday we meet for a game of cards. They all still smoke and I have no problem standing right amongst them whilst they smoke the evil filth😜😜 They call me the Reverand because I'm always preaching the gospel of St Alan Carr. When I get home my clothes go straight in the washing machine as the reek. Can't believe I smelt that way most of the time.

    Merry Christmas 🎄 everybody and remember this little tip. If you don't light it you'll never smoke again

  • Hey Tomatpots - great to hear from you again, Merry Christmas to you too! Great tip! Perhaps create a new post with above as very inspirational and this post is over 3 years old and won't get seen as won't appear in recent news feed posts..

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