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mel, newbie!!

hi my name is mel im a newbie here and very nervous!! im currently on day 7 cold turkey :) cant believe ive got this far as never got past the second day and that was with patches!!! :o its not been too bad so far im so hoping im over the worse :D decided to try again as my 30th birthday is in about 2 weeks so wanted to be smoke free by then, ive been smoking since the age of 15 years old prob 15 aday habbit so any support would be great xxx :p

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Hi Mel and welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for support they are all great here.

Looks like your doing well 1 week and cold turkey brill!

Good luck Maria. x;)


Hi Bernard, welcome to the forum and I really hope that you will get the help and support you will need to get smoke free, 7 days is great and CT to boot, I also went the CT way and never regretted it for one minute and I know you want.

You are giving up at the right age as well because you can turn back time and make it so that your body will return to a point of health where it will be as if you had never smoked, not over night though it does take some time, I bet you are feeling the benefits already.

Try reading some of the threads and posts as you go along it will help you to realise that most of us go through similar withdrawal symptoms even if at different times.

I will be back to wish you a smoke free Happy Birthday in a couple of weeks, keep posting your daily achievements it will help on days that seem a little harder to come back and reread them so you will never want to go down the trying again route.


Well done Mel, you're doing great and it will get easier!


Go Mel! You can do this. And this is the right place to come and rant when the going gets tough.

I know in the early days if I ever felt tempted to go and buy tobacco I felt like I had this big crowd of fellow NSD quitters standing behind me saying 'noooo! don't do it!' and it kept me on the straight and narrow :D

Good luck with the quit. Keep on trucking.



Hi Mel, and welcome!

You're doing the right thing by quitting while you're young. The damage caused by smoking gets worse and worse with each passing year, and while you can make a full recovery now, that may no longer be possible in the future.

Good luck, and keep the faith!



hi mel - 7 days ct is awesome

keep it up - it gets easier (or so they tell me)

daizy x


Hi Mel- well done at reaching the7 day mark :)

Your doing really well keep it up x Ice cream and fresh orange juice is helping me though not together!


thanxs so much for everyones kind and encouraging comments :D feeling alittle rubbish 2day :( with drawal symptons been ok its just the waking up through the night thats really bothering me now!!! not really sure if this is a side effect but it started about day 3-4 and is still happening :mad: i can fall asleep ok but waking bout 3am and not being able to fall back asleep again :confused: has any1 else had this????


Well done Mel, you're doing great and it will get easier!

thanks, i noticed you quit same day as me how are you finding it??? and wot withdrawal symptons have you suffered??? :)


'has any1 else had this????'

'fraid so, and I'd love to tell you it all stops around day 8, but it doesn't.

I'm now day 39 and still struggling, though it could be just habit now as my body if very much into routine, that and the fact that I'm attempting to stop going through my body weight in unhealthy snacks in the evening and drinking water instead, which has led to the obvious.

Good thing about interrupted sleep is that you tend not to struggle going off at night which was a problem for me before I quit, the issue is that you are tired earlier and become a hermit !

Good luck


thanks 4 the reply at least i know it proberley has something to do with giving up smoking its just so frastrating :mad: because i havent really had any side effects yet apart from obviously wanting a ciggeratte but that just passes!!! oh and im also eating huge amounts of food especially the wrong types going to have to go and buy alot of fruit tommorrow :o :)


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