thank you,,and im going for it again today!


thank you for all your messages yesterday,i have decided after the weekend and how rubbish i felt yesterday i have just extinguished my last fag!!!! i have a terrible fear of cancer and im still smoking:confused: so patch on and chemist given me that quick mist to try as ive been hooked on the lozzies all thro my last quit!!! im a nic junkie, so know i need to beat him properly this time!!! wish i could go ct but know i cant,and im trying to lose weight!everyone on here has made me feel ive got people to talk too,much better than other forums ive tried,how do i do the stats etc that you have at the bootom of your posts??? becca xx:D

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  • Click on your user name then click on user cp, its in there. Best of luck with your quit, I want to try the quick mist but since ive been nicotine free for nearly 5 months I dont want to go backwards. Best of luck with your quit, you NRT for as long as you need as its a million times better than smoking, Good luck.

  • Good luck Becca,

    Tiny steps at a time, I would keep in your head though that quitting smoking is more important than loosing weight, concentrate on one then the other would be my advise.

    Jill xx

  • thank you guys!!! will try that xx :)

  • Good luck Becca can do it :D

    Trev x:D

  • well done getting back too it so quickly :)

    best of luck

    daizy x

  • well done bacca-ggod for you

  • well done bacca-ggod for you

    Baz - are you a little drunk or just experiences painful hallucinations ?

  • im rooting for ya becca!! you can do it..we are all here for ya:D

  • Baz - are you a little drunk or just experiences painful hallucinations ?

    Horse, you know yourself Nicotine withdrawal effects different people in different ways. This is a new one for the books thats all ;)

  • haha ! ! !

    It did make me laugh 'cos I still have 7 pouches of 'bacca' in my cupboard, I'm looking for a buyer but somehow this doesn't seem the right place.....

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