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No Smoking Day
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6 months today and THANK YOU

:D:D 6 months and thank you all:D:D

Wow, I never thought I would be able to quit! It was always next month, when I've finished this packet or those duty frees, after the weekend, after the holidays, etc etc full of excuses,one after the other!!

Until that light bulb moment one Thursday evening,so from Friday 29th March I was a non smoker.

It was truly a light bulb moment, no planning just 'POP'

A couple of days later and I met you guys and I have so much to thank you for, keeping me on the straight and narrow :D I have not had a real crave and I put it down to this forum, I may not be on here all the time, I pop in:):) and catch up, but I know you're always here and that is important to me.


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Well done Trea. Feels good to get 6 months out of the way. The penthouse is just round the corner:)


Huge well done Trea, that's fantastic!!

You're on the home stretch to the Penthouse now :D :D


Absolutely brilliant work. Very well done. All downhill from here.


thanks guys, I have my comfy new slippers and my feet up. I plan to stay here for the next 6 months until I board the express for the last trip to the penthouse!:)

"Large bl00dy mary please bartender" :D:D


:D :D :D


Well done :) how amazing is that feeling eh?

You deserve to stand tall proud and can shout from the rooftops that your halfway to the Penthouse

So pleased to see another joining the ranks and others just joining and reading posts like this will help to inspire them to start on their own journey to freedom

Onwards and upwards is the only way to go



Well done Trea! Round the first bend with ease and legging it down the back straight with aplomb :D

Six months is a big deal, a great milestone to hit, congratulations!!


Well done Trea, those 6 months have sped by, the Penthouse here you come. You're doing fab :D

Molly x


Well done Trea!


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