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No Smoking Day
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Am i cheating using NRT?

Hi to all i know we are all using different NRT but is it wrong to still use my lozenge when required as am 4days into 4months. I havent tried not taking them yet because im worried if i downfall without them. But i have cut them down. I would have used champix but my dr said no because of other med i take regularly. Well what do you think is it ok to still be on them. J

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I wouldn't call it cheating, although I would be concerned about getting too reliant on them, maybe start weaning off them. The main thing is you're not smoking so well done.


It is Ok for now but you do need to think about getting off them. It is good that you no longer smoke but nicotine in itself is still a harmfull chemical with negative health affects when used long term, such as being a blood vessel restricter. Cravings are hard to deal with but you need to smash through them head on without NRT. Take deep breaths, drink water, snack and get through without NRT, do whatever helps. Good luck.


Thanks Tracey, Dave and Karri i will endeavour to wean myself off them i have only had 4 loz today, and im not drinking coffee either but i do love my tea and when im out and about i always have my water bottle. Im sure now i can do this, and i have you wonderful peeps to help and support. So once again many thanks il keep you posted. J


Hi Fleetwood :)

I'm using the lozenges as well and I think they are great - although I'm only on day 2 myself. I'm hoping to use the lozenges for about 4 weeks and then try and wean myself off them. That's the plans anyway :)

You'll probably find you are more psychologically reliable on the lozenges so try and see if you can come off them altogether and you might surprise yourself. Good luck :)


Hi Fleetwood

If comng off the lozengers is anything like coming off gum then you'll have 2 days of slightly hyper activity and then normal svice will be resumed! At least that's what happened to me with the gum!

Not pleasant but probably a lot easier than doing CT on Day 1! I think you probably be weaning yourself off the, by now. You've cracked the habit fags by now and after all this time it really shouldn't be too hard for you.

Best of luck!!


I'm quitting cold turkey and have never tried NRT, I can't imagine that you're doing your body any kind of harm though, certainly nowhere near the levels that smoking 20+ a day will cause.

Do what feels right for you - I heard someone mention in here that they were taking the lozengers 2 years after quitting, not ideal I accept but a million times better than smoking.

Good luck


Yes thats right Horse I read on here that somebody had been using them for 2 years, I think I would rather wean myself off them, because as you say its easy to become addicted to them. Thanks for all your replys. J;);):D


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