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Lungs have stopped aching at last

I just had a huge sigh for theatrical reasons, making my point because the kitchen table is now covered in milk and broken up bran flakes and it must have been a robber as the kids are denying all knowledge....

...anyway, so i just had a huge sigh and at long last it didn't feel as though i'd been trampled on by a horse.

It was lovely. I really deep breathy sigh.

It has been years and years since i could do that without either coughing like crazy (when i smoked) or feeling like a had a bit of rope tied around my lungs with no 'give' in it (during first few weeks of quitting).

I am getting back to 'text book' normal and loving it.

Only problem now is i keep sighing and i am all light headed :o

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karen - I can do rough but I don't trample (can't get the smilie to work!)

The light headed spells got me, feeling like you'd forgotten how to put one foot in front of the other and that you'd walk into every door in the house was no fun but it only lasted a few days.

Clearing the lungs takes a while longer but as someone kept telling me, the recovery process takes a while and you can't expect miracles in a few days.

Good luck !



That's great! I remember when I realised that it didn't hurt to breathe in deeply any more... it's really strange because I think when you are still smoking/recovering you don't even really realise what you're missing (well at least I didn't!).

Remember this for when times get tough, little battles like these (breathing, ha) are why we have quit and are staying quit - don't ever forget that :)


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