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Just Stopped Over in the last day

Hi all,

Here in India it is Festivities so a Large "Happy Diwali" to you all along with families. May all the prosperous lights make your life happy.

Today i already crossed my 3rd month just stopped here a while to post in this room. In this tough months I was terribly irritated, frustrated, nagged to my Wifey (She is so generous...treated me like a child) but still going strong and hope so. All physical cravings really gone but i do still crave at certain times for a large duration but as soon as i get the smell of a second hand smoke (smoked by a smoker) it gives me a irritation, don't like the smell.

Peculiar habits grew in these times, sometimes i repent on my quit with an excuse that the time was too early for quit(don't know whether it is a sign of relapse or not :rolleyes:) and my nagging starts, but whenever my wifey starts the shock treatment of buying a ciggy and giving to me and tells to smoke it i never get an urge to smoke it :eek:. Another habit grew in these days to compare the brand prices of ciggy :p, checking out the packet design :cool: layout etc.

So it was my journey ...tomorrow starts with month 4 and will again try to post in Room Month 4 in the last day.

Till now, Good Bye



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Well done Niladri. We would like to see more posts from you. I don't think there is anyone else here from India.



A very happy Diwali to you too, Niladri!

You're doing so well to get to four months. I know what you mean about having strange thoughts about smoking around this time. I used to think 'I've come so far... I wonder if I would still like a cigarette if I had one now?' and I had to be careful not to give in to thoughts like that - but it isn't the same as craving.

Great that you have so much support from your wife. I bet she is happy that you don't have that smoky smell any more!

Congratulations, and keep going!



Contgratulations of reaching month 4. It's great that you are now repulsed at the prospect of smoking.


well done

Massive well done, and good on your wife for helping!!


Thank You Una, Biggrin and gally0976 ... your support means a lot to me . I will surely try to post more. Just peeped in this room :p.

Helen, the thoughts you shared becoming exactly same as mine. A lot support is surely from my Wife's part, I owe her.

Thank you everybody




Niladri, I think it makes things a lot easier when people come here often and read lots of posts. Certainly did for me.


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