Day 1 very nearly done!

Hi all.

I have smoked for 20 years :( 20 a day at least :o

Today is my day one of quitting.....though I hate that word! I much prefer that today is day one of succeeding! I am using patches that are 24hrs but I will remove it before bed. I also have an inhalator but that is just giving me a sore throat, so I am going to invest in some lollies tomorrow!

I gave up about 4 years ago for 4 months, using patches...I am SO stupid for having started again.

New start though!

Its getting harder as the evening goes on :( Can't wait for bed lol!

I hope everyone else on day 1 is going ok.

Nice to meet you all x

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  • Hi Loopy, welcome to the forum. Well done on soldiering through day one. You can do this, you can, you can!!!

    Helen x

  • He he, Well done on day one!!!

    Now get yourself to bed, lol.


  • Thank you so very much for the messages, they mean so much! Its so lovely being "around" people that "get it"

    Thank you x

  • Another idea is to take a load of sleeping pills... Next thing you know you've slept through the first week without smoking! :eek:

    Just kidding! Don't try this at home! :D



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