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Day 3 far so good

Well I slept better last night , took my patch off at 8 pm and when I eventually went to bed at 01.30 this morning I was out like a light. Woke up at 08.40 purely because my telephone was ringing.

Not at work today so have been keeping myself busy , firstly with a trip into Lincoln for breakfast followed by a 4 mile walk at lunchtime ,and the afternoon working in my garden. This has helped me get through the day without thinking too much about wanting to suck on a poison stick:confused:

Didn't put a patch on this morning so have been operating in cold turkey mode for last 19 hours lol.:D

I have been now stopped 2 days and 19 hours and 5 mins .penthouse almost seems just around the corner l:p

Regards Trev

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Hey Blade. Brilliant 3 almost done. all by yourself as well. you must feel well chuffed mate :)

Think theyve boarded up your room in the penthouse, it was attracting rats:D ...Im sure it will be cleaned up again for your return :cool:


Lol KK , bless ya hun and thanx , made me laugh . :p strange but I deffo feel lots better even after just 3 days ....big breaths , big breaths x



Hey well done!

I'm on day 2 so I am 'chasing' ya :D Don't let me catch you up!

Good on you! x


Hi Loopy ....I can see you , and you wont catch me hun lol.

Well done on being on day 2 , do you want to join our May 11 Quitters gang ? , would be nice to have you on board .

Trev x


I would love to join the May quitters! Just not sure how! Thank you for asking me :)

You are now very nearly into day 4! :D:D Make sure you leave day 3 all snug and a happy place for me :D


Hi Loopy , just pm'd you the link to find May11 quitters , or look on day 1 of no smoking forum ....... SIMPLES ! :p

See you in there !

Yep 42 mins into day 5 now lol

Trev :)


Thank you so much! I shall take a peek!

Look at us non smokers taking the days by storm :D


Great attitude Loopy ...... BTW you stopped smoking on my Birthday :D


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