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Day 2

Made it through day 1 with the help of a 14mg patch.

How did it go ?..... all was well until bedtime , firstly I had a hard job getting off to sleep but eventually I found myself drifting far away in the land of nod and embroiled in a series of wierd dreams.

One was pretty amazing and involved a very attractive woman with long dark hair all was going well and then I woke up AAAAAAAAAAAGH !!! :eek:. It was 03.15 this morning and I was wide awake , hmmmmmmmmmmm been in this situation before during my last quit with patches.

Quick walk to the bathroom , ( too much info I know ....tough ! , this is my post :p) ,.... then to the kitchen for a glass of water and back to bed. after an hour of laying there still wide awake I removed the patch and after another half an hour managed to go to back to sleep until a rude awakening at 07.15 by my alarm clock.

Now into day 2 and feeling more positive than I did yesterday I waited until 10.35 before putting on another patch ....which will be removed at least an hour before I go to bed tonight even if it means denying myself another encounter with the aforementioned very attractive mystery lady :(.

Will submit another report tomorrow and let you know how tonight goes :cool:

Regards Trev.

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Good work blade.

I quit cold turkey (so it may not be the patches causing it) but also found myself wide awake at 3am (it's always 3am !) every morning, tossing and turning to get back off and generally getting another 90 mins sleep before getting up at 6.45am.

Of course come the evening I was shot to bits so getting off to sleep wasn't a problem, but I'd always wake up at 3am again.

This has been going on for 24 days !

Stick with it buddy...


Hey Trev

Congrats on getting through day1, sad to hear youi woke up in the middle of what was begining to sound like an excellent dream!!

On the upside she probably would have turned out to have been wearing a mask and actually was a hairy trucker with a liking for pretty boys!!

Still keep up the good work and before you know it you will be back in the penthouse!!!


Thanx Horse , as I recall I had problems with waking in the night for several months during my last quit but was reassured when somebody on here pointed out that without ingesting all the crap found in cigarettes our bodies have less of an ordeal to get through and we dont need as much sleep as we did as smokers .....nice thought:D

Still PMSL at what you put JohnJ ... it maybe a blessing that I woke up at the "wrong moment" and was spared a provocative moment as the mystery lady looked up at me adoringly with last nights dinner entrapped in her long grey beard and moustache.:eek:

Regards to you both .



Well done on getting to day 2!



Sleeping or lack of has been my problem from day 1, whether it gets better I do not know or is it an age thing that I am blaming on the quit??? glad you are still here with us and that you are happy to be back on the quit ladder, I am so proud of you AGAIN LOL


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