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3rd week.. again

Hi folks :)

back on the mini lozenges again. Lately I've been fine (ish) when on my own or with non-smokers, but back-sliding the minute I'm with someone who puffs.

Feel such an idiot, as last year I quit for 11 months. This however was my longest quit ever, after 35 years+ of smoking 15 roll-ups a day. :(

So I am plodding along, trying not to be paranoid about this, that and the other,

wondering whether I need extra anti-depressants or to try and get the NHS to fund me some more counselling or whether perhaps I could just do better with a divorce..

bye for now

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Hi Eleanor,

I'm just entering week 3 and today I really, really wanted to smoke. I'm going on holiday this Saturday and I'm holding on because I want to be still a non-smoker when I take that 4 hour train journey. It's so embarrassing when you get off a train and have to run to the exit to have a rollup. I'm tired of being a slave to tobacco.


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