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Why did I quit?

Ok, this is becoming like a daily blog for me, lol.

I'm on day 8 and for the life of me I can't remember why I wanted to quit. I am happy about all of the positives I am experiencing: better taste, better breathing, generally calmer...BUT I have been obsessively thinking about smoking since last night and it's almost dinner time here now. I mean flat out obsessing. This isn't a craving...I can think about nothing else and it's taking all of my willpower not to give in. This is not easy!!!!

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Hi Choud

Sorry to hear that you seem to constantly think about those nasty little blighters at the mo, i do feel it will pass for you as your doing so well, dont give up and go back well if you can anyhow as you will have to go through it all again and to have come so far deserves a BIG PAT ON THE BACK.

Dont let naughty nic try and get to you, he tells you to feed him but really make him starve, he will try allsorts of tricks to make you take him back but your stronger than him so stay one step ahead and over time he will get bored and go bug someone else.

Make a thread in the reasons bit and keep going back like i did that will help reinforce your quit too. Now dont give up and if you can stay strong and positive cos you CAN do this.


Good luck my friend, YOU CAN DO THIS!



Yep, those times do happen I'm afraid, I had one Sat evening when I managed to demolish a large pizza (x large !), large bag of cashews and a bag of crisps, if I'd found anything else I would have kept goin !

Work through it, it will get easier and it is worth it.

Good luck


Hang in there Chound. It will be tough at times, but it is quite possible as I'm sure you will know/hear from the many ex-smokers that have succeeded.

I would suggest that at some point when you are feeling less craving, you write down all the reasons you can think of to give up, so that next time you have a craving you can consult your list. If you're short of ideas, look in the "My reasons" section.

To start: better health, less risk of contracting smoking-related diseases, more money in the pocket, no more dependency... to name but a few.



Hi Chound - I can related to how you're feeling but we must not give in because I am quite sure the feeling of failure is far worse that the feeling of wanting to smoke.

I do get cravings but also i just get the thought that i want to smoke, and it stays with me all day. I do sometimes wonder, why have i done this? I used to love to smoke! Why am i denying myself something I love? But we have to remember, that is the nicotine monster and his wily ways. He makes us feel sorry for ourselves instead of feeling proud of what we have achieved. To reward myself, i am eating lovely food - the strawberries are out and they are divine... my hubby went and got me an ice cream yesterday and i enjoyed every bit of it! I'll get around to denying myself the grub at another time, but not yet, because what i'm doing is far more beneficial.

Still not easy though! I agree!


me too ;)

Hi Chound

I can totally sympathise - I had that on day 10 and no matter how much chocolate I ate (4 bars!) and how much gum I chewed (3 packs!) it would not shift.

The only thing I can say to help (apart from hang on in there you are doing brilliantly) is that it seemed to be the last throws of the nicodemon and the next day I was much, much better (even if my jaw ached from gritting my teeth and chewing gum...)

If you can go for a walk I think it does help to be out in the air and then a hot bath when you get in from work and if necessary bed straight away just to make the day end sooner and get it over with :(

Have you seen this counter? I found it somewhere else on the forum and it will help you see the benefits :)

Take care of yourself - it will pass and soon you'll be coming up for your second week x


Thank you all for those replies. Its amazing how I was feeling really great for a couple of days, and these last two have been just terrible. I am hanging in there. Last night I went to bed early hoping it would pass and it looks like I will be doing the same thing tonight!

I keep telling myself that a smoke will not solve this problem-it will just drag the problem out longer. It's just that sometimes these cravings seem to last forever!

I think part of the problem is the stopping of the Champix. I need to withdraw from that too, I suppose.

Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm will keep moving forward!


Chound - giving up is a journey, good days and bad days, but those who have gone longer than me say that as time goes by there are fewer bad days, and even the bad days are only really ever bad moments within a day.

Stick with it, long old road but a worthwhile trip....


Hi Chound

Apologies if I have missed this elsewhere but I am wondering why you are quitting the Champix :eek:

I have seen various posts about people stopping patches before the end of the course and it being their undoing, and I although I hate the side effects of Champix and hate taking drugs, I do see it as my little helper!

I know you've not been on it long but some people do need to come off it gradually so they don't fall to earth with a bump (it does work as a mild antidepressant)... perhaps you are trying to do too much too soon? Be kind to yourself and embrace the little blue helper? ;)


I know that feeling, but you're doing so well so find that strength to fight through this difficult blip. You'll come though it and when you do you'll feel even more determined and confident in your ability to crack this.


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