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Day 12 again


I've tried to quit many times in the last year or two. I'm currently on day 12. I'm using patches and nicotine gum. It hasn't been so bad this time. I don't want to smoke - I know it would taste yucky now. My only problems at the moment are that my muscles are all aching - especially my neck and shoulders - and the constant rubbishy thoughts going round and round in my head. Old emotional stuff keeps coming up - stuff I thought I'd dealt with years ago. Anyway, I can't do this alone so thanks for being here.


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I know it sounds like an old cliche but you really are over the worst of it Sue.

12 days in and the body is repairing itself, there's no nicotene left in your system and you're probably clearing the rubbish that's in your throat/lungs.

Like you (and thousands of others no doubt) I've had strong cravings and it takes a massive effort to get through those times without smoking, but I keep reminding myself of the hard work done to now and how easily that would be ruined if I was to have a smoke.

Aching muscles will heal (even quicker with a good Masseur !)

Good luck


Hi Sue,

First of all, congratulations on reaching day 12. That's a great start!

I would be a bit careful of chewing gum (with or without nicotine), because I chewed gum for a long time on a previous quit and ended up with lockjaw (TMJ) which is very unpleasent to say the least. Perhaps you can find an alternative (like an inhalor) in case the patches alone are not enough?

Stay strong!



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