No Smoking Day
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Day Eight!

I'm on day 8 now and I'm extremely proud of myself! Still finding myself thinking about cigarettes, such as "oh after dinner I'll have a cig" then be thing "nooo you can't, you don't smoke anymore". After talking to my dad (who quit 7yrs ago) he says this never completely goes away.

I was just so shocked to see how strong nicoteen addiction really is, a whole lifelong thing!

So far the benefits I have noticed are;

I THINK my breathing is a little better, still cough a little, but I actually like all the gunk that comes up, kind of makes me think my lungs are getting cleaned out :o

Money - £6.50 extra a day really does make a difference, I'm currently putting it in an envelope (52.00 :D, I've added an extra 100 just to say well done to myself, haha)

Smell - For the first time in ages today, someone smelt my perfume :D, can't believe I spent 60 on perfume, when all I smelt of was cigarettes

People don't seem to be particularly proud of me, apart from my dad. My best friend thinks I've turned into a b**ch, haha, and everyone else has their own stuff going on, but I don't care I'm proud of myself.

Hope everyone else is doing well too, and best of luck!


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Also; I've been thinking of quitting the champix on after this second packet, I like what it does, but not how I feel.

Also my smoking advisor is rubbish, all she did was give me the champix and book an appointment for two weeks away! :confused:



I can't offer any advice on Champix.

I bet people are prouder than you think - I've found people are a little reluctant to bring the subject up because they think the mention of smoking might get you thinking about it.

I've got a bunch of friends who are like 'can't believe it never thought you'd stop' yet my Mother who has been hounding me for years to stop won't bring up the subject - it's not because they don't care.

Well done and stick with it, into week 2 and you're through the worst of it


Is it wrong I keep looking at pictures of cool people that smoke(d), almost trying to put myself off haha?


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