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No Smoking Day
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Day 11

Hi everyone.

Just a quick update on how my quit is going. I'm on day 11 and it's gone really smoothly so far and the patches are a massive help. I've wanted a blu ray player for a while now and because I've quit I can now afford to buy one, I ordered it last night and it will be here on monday! :D

I've nearly done 2 weeks and I'm going to do the full 12 weeks on the patches because last time I done that I stopped for 8 and a half months (The warm weather in spring got the better of me).

Thanks, Daniel.

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Great job Daniel!!!

I quit with patches a long time ago and would definitely recommend you go all the way. I found that in the end (last couple of weeks) I kept forgetting to put the patch on but I didn't even notice it was missing. At that point I realized that I had well and truly quit.

Keep up the quit!


P.S. Enjoy the blu-ray!


Cheers Alex.

I actually forgot to put my patch on this morning lol after about 10 mins I realised then put it on straight away. I can't wait to get to the end of the patches course that's like my long term goal for the minute. I am just taking it one day at a time and can't wait to get to the 2 week milestone which will be on saturday. That's when my next new thread will be unless I start debating whether to smoke or not, then I'll be straight on here.



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