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Day One Smoke Free on Champix

Today is my first completely smoke free day on the sixth day of Champix. I won't say I feel great, but this is MUCH easier than my last several attempts.

The past six days on Champix helped me cut down and I honestly wasn't even enjoying the cigarettes I was smoking. I think that is definitely part of the benefit once we do quit....we only remember how cigarettes did not solve the problems we were looking for them to solve. Every craving I have had today was followed with the thought "a cigarette won't help." There were only two time that I REALLY wanted to smoke today, and it was so quick. I write this now feeling good and know I will not smoke today.

I quit cold turkey for 90 days about 6 years ago. I felt amazing after that quit and made the mistake of thinking I could smoke just one. After six years of beating myself up, I have given Champix a try and I really like my chances. I can already breath better and smell more even though this is only my first full day. I'm going to try to keep posting here daily (or more if I need) for my own sanity! If others find what I'm experiencing useful, great!

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Good luck Chound! Keep going ;)


Best of luck Chound - have you sussed out the Champix group on the forum?

Loads of people on here have quit with Champix, so I'm sure you'll get lots of help and advice if you need it!


Thanks for the support. I'm on day 2 of no smokes and feel pretty good. The hardest part for me is work, actually. I miss stepping outside for a break. Long walks are rather difficult as well. But the great news is that this is all mental. Champix seems to be helping with the physical part. In 48 hours I have had just a couple or three really strong cravings. The other great thing I have noticed is that I don't have the problems with time distortion that I did when going cold turkey.

So far, so good. I can smell more-which is only good sometimes. Either Champix gives me rotten gas or my sense of smell is overly sensitive-or both. Everything tastes different, mostly better. And my lungs are clearing-I'm coughing up lots of sticky stuff. Feeling good, sleeping well, and I really don't miss stinking all the time!

Lots of grumpiness, though. I have fits where I want to just smack people. I live in a big, busy city and there are always people everywhere. I found it annoying before, but I have been finding it nearly unbearable the last few days! But if that's the worst of it, I can take it.


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