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Day 9


Good morning all

Officially into week 2 now. I got me one of those quit counters on my PC at home, i then went shopping and spent precisely what i had saved on clothes and food! Hubby is trying again - he's ok so long as he keeps the patch on but they have a tendancy to fall off - even with surgical tape!

I could eat for England and for now i'm just going with it even though in recent months i have put on so much weight so quickly, my back hurts. One thing at a time though.

I could still murder a smoke and still, for a split second, i forget i have stopped. I can smell everything - sometimes good, sometimes bad! I thought the dreams had ended but then last night i dreamt i was hitting my cat on her head with a spoon and poking her eyes.:confused:

the evenings are the worst. After a working day, after dinner, with a glass of wine, i really do miss lighting up. It's then that i go have a bath and change the patch to have a bit of a boost. I am concerned that i may be breaking the habit but have done nothing about the addiction. I know patches and the like are nowhere near harmful in comparision to smoking but it just means this is part one of the task - part two will be weaning off the nicotine. Oh yes, and part three will be to wire my gob shut :D

good luck everyone


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Mrs CP - I've never known anyone say it's easy, but despite everything you are doing brilliant.

Patches are a million times better than actually smoking so as you say, one thing at a time, I've always thought the bigger battle is getting out of the habit at specific times rather than the addiction to nicotine, so beat the cravings after dinner etc and you're a hell of alot closer to winning.

Good luck !

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