No Smoking Day
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One month

Tomorrow since I had my last cigarette. I had few days where I was carving it bad, but for most part first month went really well!!! I've put on some weight which I like, and every time I think of smoking I look on my resent pic's and I love the way I look, So that keeps me from wanting to smoke one..

Every morning when I get up I say to my self : I'm not gone smoke today no matter what" so I stick to it.

I hope everyone is going great on their quits too..

I had to give up my two fav things this year. Cigarettes and Diet coke. But so Far I love the new me..

Best wishes.


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Well done Buqe on your first of many months. At least if you ever feel a little wavery about it all one look in the mirror will remind you haw brilliant not smoking makes you look and feel, inside and out ;)



Well done Buqe. Fantastic, one mothn YAAAAAAAY!:D


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